Dentures for people with Edentulism

Dentures for people with Edentulism

Dentures for people with Edentulism

You must leave the dentures for people with Edentulism in die mouth for 24 hours after they are inserted. The dentures will act as a bandage; they help limit bleeding and prevent breakdown of the blood clots that form in the extraction sockets. Normally, bleeding is minimal; however, a few drops of blood may redden the saliva for a day or longer.

If several teeth have been extracted, swelling and discomfort may ay be expected. Swelling may be reduced by holding ice packs against the face in the area of the extractions for the first four hours - I 15 minutes on , 15 minutes off.

Your diet for the first 24 hours should-be restricted to liquids and soft foods. Gradually you can increase the bulk of your diet as healing progresses to include additional nutrients. Take your medication as proscribed.

Care after insertion varies for each patient depending on the general health, the number of teeth removed, the difficulty experienced in removing the teeth, and the anatomic form of the remaining ridges and soft tissues. You should be seen by the dentist 24 hours after the insertion of the dentures for people with Edentulism for adjustment of the dentures borders and relief of the denture bases in areas where excessive pressure is being applied to the underlying tissues. Additional appointments for adjustments of the denture can be scheduled as needed.

As initial adjustments are made and healing progresses, you will notice an improvement in the comfort and function of the dentures for people with Edentulism. However, the remaining tissues will continue to recontour (shrink) and the dentures gradually will become looser.

Your treatment plan should be reevaluated continuously for 4 to 6 months following extractions and delivery of your immediate dentures for people with Edentulism to determine needs for future treatment. The requirement for a temporary or processed reline can usually be determined by the amount of change in the tissues of the mouth- Relines at chair side may be done to compensate for small changes in the tissues. Major changes in the tissues require a laboratory processed reline or a remaking of the dentures. A fee will be charged for these services and, if a reline is necessary, you will need to arrange to be without the dentures for at least 8 hours.

With immediate dentures for people with Edentulism, you have the advantage of never being without teeth (except for relining the dentures). However, impressions are not as accurate as with conventional dentures, the bite is more difficult to perfect, and relining or remaking the dentures will eventually be necessary. The dentist will tailor instructions for care of the immediate dentures to your individual needs so that you may continue to function comfortably.